St. Louis: Not For Sale is a citizen action group made up of volunteers that oppose the sale/privatization of our city’s valuable public assets. We oppose the privatization efforts at Lambert International Airport and any upcoming attempts to privatize our Refuse Department or other public services. Only a few years ago, we turned back an attempt to privatize the city’s water department. Luckily, we were able to stop the sale of our water to the company that took over water operations in Flint, MI. As we all know, Flint has subsequently faced a world famous disaster that resulted in citywide lead poisoning and undrinkable water.

The citizens of St. Louis once again rise in opposition of the privatization of our airport. Our city has a rich aviation history and the airport is a steady source of revenue for our cash-strapped city government. This scheme will undermine the city’s long term fiscal health, all to satisfy the desire of Rex Sinquefield to strip our city of public assets and then sell them to corporations that will profit off of our citizens with little to no accountability.

Our message is simple: St. Louis is not for sale.