January 10, 2019 Press Release

On January 10th we launched our #PledgeAgainstPrivatization. Citizens deserve a public vote on airport privatization and they have the right to know which electeds/candidates support their right to vote. #MoneyPig was on hand to help us keep our elected officials accountable.

The pledge was signed by candidates for President of the Board of Aldermen, Megan-Ellyia Green and Jimmie Matthews; sponsors of BB 93, Dan Guenther, Christine Stroer Ingrassia, and Annie Rice; and aldermanic challengers, Lorie Cavin, Tonya Finley McCaw For 22nd Ward Alderman, Jeffery “Dhoruba” Hill, candidate for 18th Ward Alder, and Tony Pecinovsky.

STL Not For Sale will be attending campaign events throughout the city so that all candidates running in the March 5 primary will have the opportunity to sign.

#StLouisIsNotForSale #PeopleOverPrivatization

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